Living a Waiting-For Life

What are you waiting for?

We all tend to wait for something, don’t we? “I’ll be great once I ______.” Maybe we think, “Once I graduate, I’ll find a great job. Once I have that great job, I’ll find a great place to live. Once I have that place, I’ll find the one I will love. Once I find the one, I’ll get married.” And so on.

Waiting for.

I’m drinking a big tall glass of plain water. Nothing fancy. You?


Your health comes to you one mouthful at a time. Your strength comes one decision to park near or away from the building at a time. Your success comes from one flick of the remote control or not. There are thousands of these choices at any given time, hundreds of distinct daily forks in the road. And lots of times? We somehow default to “I’ll get to that.”

Did you do the sales calls you had to make today? Did you write up that flyer to get more people to the church? Did you shoot that video walkthrough for that house you plan to show online? Lots of times? The answer is no. Because you’re doing other stuff. Quite often, the urgent-not-important stuff (to steal from Covey).


I have a big event in New York City in about 23 days. You’ve been invited. There will be a LOT of work, because I work to deliver the most value possible. In 23 days, I’ll provide fresh, unique, and effective materials that you’ll be able to use to grow your business.

Only, they haven’t been assembled yet. They haven’t been neatly gathered. I haven’t built a workbook. Right now, I’m playing Minecraft with my kids and answering your emails. Why? Well, because that’s 23 days off.

Until it’s not.

You must have a huge vision to follow (a Bigger Story), but you must also do the work that will make that story true (Love the Grind). That’s the secret. (tweetable)


Instead of a todo list, make a today list. Make the word “today” synonymous with how you live your vision. Make your view of the future your lifestyle, not a project.

And in this, you’ll grow to be more powerful.


We fill empty spaces with noise. We do this in many ways. Nothing on the calendar? We fill it with “fun” instead of “work that would grow us.” Frustrated that something isn’t coming true fast enough? We detour and do something lesser, and silly. Keep the “clutter” of your life down to nothing. And don’t tell me it’s happening to you.

MOST of what happens we choose. You can work on figuring out what will make your life yours again. You’ll figure what to cut, who to manage, and how you’ll find your clear table again.

Are you living a “waiting for life?” Or are you doing the work today? (tweetable)


Tickets are going fast. This will be close, intimate, and you’ll meet up with me, Rob Hatch, Julien Smith, and many more amazing people.

Get more details HERE.

See you next week.

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  1. nicolevadas says:

    Wow. Thank you for posting this passionate and true call. Exactly what I needed to hear at this time. – Drinking a home-made latte in Oakland, CA and writing my “today” list.

  2. I like the concept of the “Today” list. Is that one of those things we can steal and use?

  3. some articles are written in a way that nails your ass to the chair. gotta love this one

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