Human Business Works is a business design company, providing publishing and media products dedicated to helping professionals like you (anyone from a solo business to a very passionate part of a bigger company) understand how to do business your way, provided that way is relationship-minded, interested in delivering great value for your client or customer, and want to do this in a much more interesting way than the status quo.

Over the years, Chris and team have spoken and worked with companies like Disney, Microsoft, Citrix Online, Molson/Coors, Dell, Comcast, Google, GM, Gannett, Hearst, Scotts, Titleist, Pepsico, Humana, Build-a-Bear, Coldwell Banker, UPS Store, Sony, Panasonic, Coca Cola, and more. He has keynoted several hundred wonderful conferences. In all cases, we’ve told a similar story in different ways and with related emphasis.

We preach what we call the Human Business Way:

  • Brave Now – this is about goal setting, confidence, and self-expression
  • The Works – we’ll share what we know about business basics, and help you learn to love the grind.
  • Tell Bigger Stories – how can you communicate better and motivate people?
  • The Impact Equation – not just a great book, but a perspective on how to build a platform of value.
  • Service Craftsmanship – how do relationships improve your business?

We deliver this via online courses, publications, and in-person speeches and training. What sets our work apart is that it’s built with the real world in mind, has a lot of value-added material beyond just the basics of helping you pick up the skills you seek, and we provide a lot of contact and interaction to make sure you get all that you need.

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The Team

Chris Brogan

A Brief Bio

May I pause and say something about bios? They always sound so arrogant and pompous. They are this moment in time where we’re supposed to brag about ourselves so that you think we’re worth your time.I’m worth your time. If you’re stuck having to read this to a crowd at a conference where I’m keynoting, hopefully, this will be easier

chris090413Chris Brogan is Publisher of Owner Magazine, a business magazine helping you improve your worth by growing your capabilities and connections. He is CEO & President of Human Business Works, a publishing and media company. He is a sought-after keynote speaker who has addressed crowds of thousands, and once presented to a princess. Chris has consulted with companies you know like Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Titleist, Pepsico, Google, Motorola, and many more. He is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books and counting, including The Impact Equation, with Julien Smith. He lives in northern Massachusetts, where he frequently plays Minecraft with his kids and plots world conquering with his girlfriend, Jacqueline Carly.

A Bit More About Chris Brogan

Chris is a New York Times Bestselling author of books like The Impact Equation and Trust Agents (cowritten with Julien Smith), Social Media 101, and Google Plus for Business.

Chris has appeared in several magazine and news articles from Forbes, The Boston Globe, Success, USA Today, and has appeared on TV shows like The Dr Phil Show. (Oddly, in conversations with people who aren’t into the online world, people are always more impressed with the Dr. Phil appearance than the New York Times bestseller thing.)

Chris is also the cofounder of the PodCamp new media conference series, exploring the use of new media community tools to extend and build value.

He has over 15 years of experience in online networks, social communities, and other elements of digital business.

He has 16 years of enterprise telecommunications and wireless experience prior to all this.

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Rob Hatch

Rob Hatch is the Chief Operating Officer of Human Business Works.  He has over 20 years experience in leading organizations and businesses, most recently running a non-profit organization serving children with special needs and their families.

Rob is also a professional trainer and speaker and works with companies and organizations to implement cultural and operational change that aligns with their goals and mission.  He lives with his family in Maine.