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Chris Brogan roaringThe basic offering we provide to you here at Human Business Works are non-credit courses written by actual experienced practitioners and designed to help you learn what you need to do the work you want to do. We sell directly to professionals like you, though we’ve also sold through people’s HR training departments, too. The way we’ve built out the courses, you can do this work while you’re doing your job, going to school, or otherwise engaged. There’s meat to these products, but we realize you have a life, so we’re not out to drown you.

In most cases, you’ll see that the courses are delivered weekly by email, with lessons, ideas, additional materials, and encouragement to join the private group that supports your particular course. If the course is a one-shot experience, it ties in somehow to another longer course, so sometimes, you can taste before you dine, if that appeals. And in all cases, we stand behind our products and offer a guarantee of your personal satisfaction. Because everything was written by someone who cares about giving more value than we extract, you can imagine we work hard to over-deliver on what we sell you.

The Four Main Tracks at HBW at Present

Our courses follow four main tracks right now:

* Developing the Digital Channel
* Content Marketing and Writing
* Productivity and Business Functions
* Personal Development

With offerings like Blog Topics and Blogging: The Master Class, and Write Your Book Already, we’ve got writing and content marketing covered by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan.

Work Like You’re On Vacation and Put Success In Your Way are offered by Rob Hatch are the first two courses in our business and productivity track.

Brave New Year is currently the first course in our Personal Development track, but more will be coming soon.

Depending on what you hope to accomplish, we are probably working on something to help. If you don’t see a course here that you want to pursue, you can always get in touch with us and make a recommendation or ask for a suggested course. We’ll gladly do what we can to accommodate your interests.

Course Listings:

Brave New Year


Give me eight weeks and I’ll set you up for success. The Brave New Year course is a popular exploration into developing your confidence, working on your execution, and gathering your abilities together for your continued success. Complete with lots of actionable material, this course is a lot more than just a motivational speech or something. It’s a powerful community and a recipe book for action. For more on this, click HERE.

Mastering the Digital Channel


You were told, “just get online and start blogging/tweeting/podcasting/making video/whatever, and the money would rush in.” That didn’t happen. Why not? Because that’s not how it works.

Mastering the Digital Channel is an 8 week course dedicated to helping you build out your online presence (for your offline business or your online- or both!), and how to make this channel work for you and your business goals. This course has a strong, vibrant community of helpful people in it, and you’ll get a lot out of the core material, the bonus material, and the new friends you’ll meet in the process. To learn more, Click HERE

Work Like You’re On Vacation


“Have you ever wanted to have more time to work on what matters most to you, to start a business, fulfill a goal, pursue a passion?”

That’s how Rob Hatch begins his pitch to you about Work Like You’re On Vacation. It’s a course to help you work on getting more done. Rob explains it a bit differently than me, but what I have done with this is I’ve learned how to be more productive while reclaiming more time from my day for my own projects. If you want more on this, click HERE.

Put Success In Your Way


Put Success In Your Way, is a 10 week course designed to help you reframe your approach to accomplishing your goals.

It is built on three foundational elements, Willpower, Decisions and Habits. It will help you understand how these three elements work together not just for everyone, but for you and give you practical exercises to continually apply the knowledge to your life, your work, and on your goals.

How to Write Better


How to Write Better is a four-week online class that takes an unconventional, intimate approach toward understanding the principles of beautiful, interesting, influential writing. No fluff. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Just clear, concise writing.

If you’re serious about improving your writing, this course is for you. Regardless of your current skill level, How to Write Better will help you create powerful writing that grabs people’s attention and adds value to their lives.

Blogging: The Master Class


Take a 12 week intensive writing course that extends far beyond simply blogging, but applies well for those looking to bring their writing up to a whole new level. With weekly exercises and homework, all kinds of video interviews with experts, and direct interaction with Chris Brogan on your writing, you’ll find this course far exceeds your expectations. To learn more, Click HERE.

Blog Topics


Receive weekly posts with 10 or more blog topic ideas, plus writing advice. 45 weeks worth of ideas and hundreds and hundreds of topics that will work well for your personal or your business blog.

Write Your Book, Already


Working on writing that book, but just haven’t gotten all the way there? Have you started and stopped before? Wondering whether to publish via the mainstream or just go it alone? What about book marketing? How will you make sure your effort’s not wasted? Join over 60 dedicated writers who are tackling this as well. To learn more, click HERE.

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