Education & Speaking

Chris Brogan Our goal at Human Business Works is to help people understand how to “amplify the human digital channel.” When we talk about that, think of your website and e-commerce and all those “place-minded” technologies as being the digital channel, and then think of social networks and the way people move between sites and other experiences as being part of the what we call the human digital channel. We focus on helping people better understand how to improve customer acquisition and community nurturing (two important parts of the sales cycle) by educating on what we call the Human Business Way.

The Human Business Way

In understanding how we think people can be successful doing business on the web, we’ve come up with the following five tenets that we think are at the heart of it all.

  1. Business is About Belonging
  2. Earn Leverage
  3. Cultivate Visibility
  4. Own Your World
  5. Measure What Matters Most

To us, these five points help you build the kind of business relationships that will be sustainable and that will have value for your organization. To learn about belonging is to understand how to nurture prospects and your existing buyers. To learn about earning leverage is to understand the importance of referrals and loyalty. To cultivate visibility is to understand how to “save your seat at the table” between sales. To own your world is to understand the changing role of everyone in business, and how to think like an owner at all levels of the organization. To learn about measurement, we discuss alternatives and adjuncts to what you measure already. We will talk about the Human Business Way quite often. Feel free to contact us, if you have further questions.

How you implement these ideas, these ways or methods, is one way we can help.

On-Site Education and Speaking

Chris Brogan is a professional speaker who has given hundreds of speeches to large conferences and organizations with the goal of helping educate and spur on further action. He has given day-long classes in specific applications of technologies, as well as several keynote addresses, where the goal is more about setting the stage for further exploration by the people in the audience. Each experience is custom-tailored to the needs of your organization, but the goal is always the same:

  • Educate with easy-to-understand language and meaningful analogies.
  • Provide useful, relevant case studies and other supporting information.
  • Finish with actionable takeaway items for the audience to implement as next steps.

If you would like to learn more about Chris’s speaking topics, read more here. If you would like to talk about booking Chris for education or a speech, please fill out this easy contact form and we’ll respond shortly.