Blog Topics

Blog Topics

Are you looking for writing advice, prompts for blog post ideas, and tips and tricks to do even more with your writing? Join the hundreds of satisfied subscribers who have received Blog Topics over the last few years, created by New York Times bestselling author, Chris Brogan.


These topics are good for business blogs, personal blogs, and for writing projects out side of blogging. There’s even been an English class using the topics as writing homework, we’ve been told.


From Chris Brogan, co-author of The Impact Equation, and publisher of , Blog Topics is guaranteed to get your mind wrapped around a lot of great ideas to improve your blog, grow your audience, and help you find success as a writer.

What you’ll get:

45 weekly emails from Chris.

At least 10 topics each week wrapped with solid writing and blogging advice.


Join us. We’re eager to help you grow your blog.

We’ll send you weekly updates with 10 or more blog topic ideas, writing advice, and more. You’ll get 45 weeks worth of this (nearly one a week for a year), all for only $97.00.