Blog Topics: The Master Class

with Chris Brogan

Is This Course for Me?

In most cases, when looking for some ideas on how to improve, you get nervous before pulling out your credit card whether you’re in the right place, whether this is the course you need. Here’s how to gauge where you might be. You consider yourself a writer, but maybe not a “pro.” You have been dabbling with blogging and writing, even though it’s a bit inconsistent, and you’re wondering just how you’re going to be able to take your blogging and writing to the next level.

You need a little more accountability. You want more than just some prompts to get you started on your writing. You like the idea of getting not only lessons but also a warm interaction from a group of like-minded writers who can help you and encourage you along the way. Sound good? Chris Brogan has just the thing for you.

Introducing Blog Topics: the Master Class

Join us for a 16 week course that promises to work hard with you to keep your commitment to writing, to help you improve your writing style, to convince you to deliver more productivity than before, and to equip you for even more success with the goals of your writing.

Each week is packed with advice, lessons, tips, and homework all designed to help you build up your writing skills. You’ll receive a mix of email instruction, video tutorials, and live online interactive sessions dedicated to helping you step up your game. Chris even has some special interviews with successful writers, bloggers, and more.

And when we say “step up your game,” we’re not fooling around. The course is built to challenge you and give you a lot to work on. This isn’t a bunch of pithy thoughts that you can read, smile about, and move on to the next item of your day. This is work. This is 16 weeks of fairly involved writing. Not a ton. You can get it all done. But we’re not just here to check off a box.

My Own Story

When I started blogging back when it was called “journaling” in 1998, no one read what I had to say. I wrote those nose-picking pieces, where you give your opinion, or talk about yourself, or whatever. Guess what? No one cared. Most of those old posts are lost to the sands of time (I’m glad to report). Throughout the years that followed, I took my blog from nobody-but-my-mom reading it, into a few people, eventually getting to today’s experience of around 200,000 unique monthly viewers. In the process, I was given a book deal, and turned that into a New York Times bestseller (with Julien Smith). Since then? I’ve finished four books and have built a very successful business that hinges greatly around writing.

Do I think I qualify as a writer who can teach you how to make your writing better, more brave, and effective? Yes, yes I do. Want to talk about the course?

Here’s What You Get:

This whole thing is distributed to you via your inbox, at your convenience. You will receive one or two letters weekly, and links to video and all kinds of neato stuff. But it all comes in via the inbox. We also take advantage of a private community group, too. Good by you?

You get:

* 16 weeks of action-packed writing advice, hacks, lessons, and homework.
* 4 video tutorials featuring Chris Brogan.
* Live interactive sessions with Chris Brogan and/or your classmates (across a few time zones to accommodate people).
* 2 opportunities for blog or writing critiques from Chris.
* Plenty of promotion and sharing of the work you’re most proud of and ready to share.
* Nearly unlimited email access during your course. Just drop Chris a line and he’ll offer what he can for advice above and beyond what you get from the group.

This course costs $795 USD, but if you’re a subscriber to the Human Business Works Newsletter, we’ll give you $150 off (so, it’s $645).

Just enter the Promo Code: SUBSCRIBER (case sensitive) at checkout. 

You can pay all at once, or in 3 easy payments of $215 ($265 if you choose not to subscribe)

Are you ready?



We are looking forward to bringing you tools and support to build your success.
Reminder, by taking advantage of the $150 discount you are agreeing to subscribe to the HBW Newsletter.
As always, If this program doesn’t give you the value you expected, just let us know. 
We’ll take care of you.


These testimonials were offered by graduates of the Blog Topics Master Class. No considerations were given in exchange for these testimonials. These are just nice people.


From Chris Lema

The Sherpa’s Heart

You may be curious to know just how a “Master Class” can be delivered online. You may also be wondering “just how valuable can Chris Brogan’s secret sauce be?” After all, it deals with “Blog Topics”… a trade that anyone with a keyboard and browser can eventually tackle. Right?

A wise person once said “the heart is the only master the mind will follow”. We all know this to be true; but few of us can lay claim to mastery. Think of it… what sort of mettle is required of a teacher who offers to guide novices and veterans together through the fragile ego forest of a writing class? You can’t just follow any old heart into that territory; it’s a haunted mountain forest.

Believe this— you can follow Chris there. Not the way you’d wait on an English professor to markup your drafts; more like the way you’d count on a sherpa to get you over a frozen mountain pass. Ok, you may have been on the mountain before, but that changes nothing. When the party sets out, you don’t stop to ask whether your guide actually knows the way— you’re busy keeping pace. At night there’s a campfire and a pot of tea, despite the howling wind. How the hell did he get that fire started in this wind?

Right now you can reach your hand down into a digital bucket and scoop out a hundred “tour guides” in the online teaching space. They can show you the maps, show you the gear, and chat you up a storm. As you grasp their brochures, they point to the sepia portraits of the summiters, hanging on the wall of the lodge. Now, scrape the frost off the window and peer out— you’ll see Chris, walking into the horizon with gusto, alongside a team of totally engaged, totally satisfied customers.

Get busy writing. Hire a sherpa and attach yourself to a climbing team. You may find that sherpa becoming a friend, and the summit arising where it always was, in the center of your heart.