Finding The Superpower Of Flight

How to Give Yourself Permission, Build Your Brand, and Live Your Dream

A WebJam with Chris Brogan and Anthony Iannarino


We think you are ready to share your gift with the world

For a long time, both Chris and I struggled to find the way to share our gifts, to build our brands, and to live the lives we wanted. We both worked a day job, and we both felt stifled. We knew we had more to offer. We knew we had a message to share. We knew  that there was a community out there waiting for us. We also knew we could create tremendous value for other people.

But no one ever showed up to give us the permission slip we were waiting for . . .

Eventually, we learned how to stop waiting. We changed our minds. We found our superpower of flight. And we can help you find your own superpower.

What we’ve  got for you

We found the rules for unlocking our superpowers. We broke the code on the rules. And we are going to help you unlock your superpowers.

  • We start with a one-hour, deep dive, private webinar into the mindset and actions you need to take now to unleash your superpower, to build your brand, and to live your dream.
  • We are also going to provide you with an audio recording of a separate program we recorded separate from the live webinar. We know you are going to want to listen to this audio recording in your car or while you do your thing.
  • There will also be a complete transcript, if audio’s not your favorite way to learn. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • Finally, we are going to provide you with a 36 page workbook embedded into the presentation so you can work on your plan for world domination.



Anthony and Chris, thanks for a value packed talk. The gold you literally handed me in this talk are 1- tips for honing the where to listen – you know; use laser focus instead of buckshot many of us use thinking we’ll eventually connect authentically; and 2- clarity on the necessity of value creation to nurture the client relationship.

Cindi Schultz (@GetaFoothold)

Here is your chance to jump start your efforts

If you’ve been waiting for permission, if you know you should be taking more action, if you are hesitating to take action because you are gripped by fear, this webinar is going to give the push–the jumpstart–that you need to get moving.

Well, I knew right away that it would be worth it, but I wasn’t sure what “it” would be. So the promise and the expectation was pretty high. I really appreciate you “walking the talk” by delivering the extra time to engage with the audience. Much closer to being in a workshop room–turning it into a conversation. Engagement! Clearly articulated, frequently reinforced concepts that help. Thanks!

Anne T. Stone




An hour long, deep-dive into the mindset and the actions that give you the superpower of flight!

  • Learn the mindset that you need to give yourself permission.
  • Learn to overcome your own internal resistance and start taking action now.
  • Discover your origin story and the source of your superpower.
  • Build the action plans that allow you to start moving towards your goals now.
  • Join and build your own tribe.


An take-it-with-you-when-you-go downloadable audio recording companion program that you can listen to in your car, when you are working out, or when you to a not-so-gentle nudge to remind you that we are out here waiting for you to share your gift.

  • A separate audio recording you can listen to when you need a little motivation.


A full copy of the FINDING THE SUPERPOWER OF FLIGHT  presentation with a 36 page workbook component.

  • Work through the ideas on your own and build your plan.
  • Guided questions that lead you through your plan.
  • A quick start guide that will jump start your progress.


The “2 asks” alone was worth the price of admission … count on my support for your next webinars.

Claudio Alegre


You might be thinking you can’t . . .

You might be thinking that you can’t.

You might be thinking that you can’t join us here because you aren’t ready.

You might be thinking that you can’t join a webinar like this because you aren’t ready to take the next step in your journey.

You might be thinking that you don’t have enough to offer, that your voice doesn’t matter, that you’re not big enough yet.

We’ve felt that way before. One of the reasons we put this program together is because we wish it would have been available for us when we felt that way. You are going to leave this program with a list of the things that you can and will do. We promise you’re ready . . . and we are ready and waiting for you!

Click here to join us

Click here to join us for the Finding the Superpower of Flight webjam, to receive the audio program, and to secure your copy of the workbook.

Be prepared to try on some new beliefs, to build your action plan, to build your brand, and start doing what it is that you have always told yourself you wanted to do. You only get one chance to live the life you want, to share your gift with the world.


More Testimonials

I’d only recommend Finding the Superpower of Flight to anyone who wants to live more and better. If you want to endure your own status quo, do not check it out. If you partake, It will change your life. Anthony and Chris are very different and complement each other well. The experience was thought and action provoking, which is very rare. Espresso for the soul.

Jack Henke
Henke & Associates, Inc.


The Superpower of Flight was well worth the asking price of only $97.00! This small investment helped me immediately by providing new ideas about removing my own barriers to success, and is helping me to develop an improved path toward my goals.”



48 hours after listening to The Superpower of Flight, I founded my new company, got my first affiliates and made the website public.

Pasi /


My experience with “Finding the Superpower of Flight” was solid.  Not only did I get some inside information on the success factors that make Chris and Anthony “tick”, but I received an audio recording and E-book to boot.  The value of this program is that it can put you into the mindset of getting things done by eliminating distractions and creating a plan for your dreams. Give yourself permission, give it a try!

Nicholas William, MN


An incredible amount of value in 1 hour. The most powerful takeaway for me was the discussion around overcoming the power of the inner critic and realizing that the script others have for us need not become our own. This isn’t a new insight for me but somehow Chris phrased it in a way that bypassed my brain and drove it into my heart. It now has greater meaning for me and I can already feel a shift as a result.

Brian R. King