Learn Google+ For Business and Networking

with Chris Brogan

You’ve finally gotten your Google+ invite and have logged in, but now what? Where do you start? What are you missing? How do you do this or that? There’s a LOT to see in there.

How do you get the best value from it? 

Join Chris Brogan, who has logged over 250 hours (and counting) inside of Google+ and can tell you a thing or two about the hottest new social network.

He’ll tell you why he left Facebook, too.

This recorded two hour session with Chris Brogan is only $47.00.


* Profile tips and tricks.
* Organizing people in circles.
* Finding the good stuff.
* How to post engaging material.
* Keeping up with comments.
* Making the most of your time.


Whatever you want to know, now is your time.

Do NOT miss this opportunity to learn Google+ from the guy who made Twitter a business staple back in 2006, and who will do the same for business in 2011.

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$47 for 1 hour of training plus 1 hour of Q&A and/howto, for a total of two hours.