Mastering the Digital Channel (MDC)

You’ve done what “they” recommended: you got the Twitter account or the Facebook page. You blogged all over the place, and pinned things and maybe even made a few YouTube videos. But strangely, the cash registers didn’t ring (not nearly as much as you thought they would).

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Maybe, you did what lots of people do: you tried harder, you produced more, and you worked on making something (anything?) happen. But it’s not enough and you’re getting a bit frustrated.

It’s time to learn how to master the digital channel.

MASTERING THE DIGITAL CHANNEL is my latest course at Human Business Works, where we’ve been successfully helping hundreds of people like you learn how to use their time better, create more meaningful content, write books, and much more. In this course, we cover the following information with not just ideas, but actionable recipes to build your own success from me, someone who’s actually done this all and has a lot to share with you:

* How your website, social platforms, and mobile presence impact your business efforts.
* What separates people who “are online” from people who have successfully built out a powerful business-making digital channel.
* Not just how to promote, but how marketing, sales, and service must be addressed via the digital channel.
* How to build your channel as if you’ll be the next TV and newspaper mogul, even if you didn’t think you’re (also) in the publishing business.
* The core strategy I’ve taught tens of thousands of people since 2006, from solopreneurs to the CEOs and Chairmen of GM, Disney, Virgin, and more.
* How to choose and work with the right digital outposts to earn you attention and ultimately a network of supportive and loyal community members.
* Email marketing that will earn you replies, responses, and sales (instead of landing you in the delete pile unread).
* How this content marketing stuff can work for you, and how not to make it all throw-away junk that no one wants.
* What service craftsmanship will do to loyalty and how you can implement a true loyalty program, and not just spam people to death.
* The (very few) measurements that matter to your business, and where to pay attention.


As with all my courses, you have direct access to me, Chris Brogan, and you also are invited into a community of value. Each time I’ve built a course, the community aspect of it has come to be of equal (or sometimes more) worth to learners like you. Sometimes, people don’t get that when they start the course, but everyone who has paid for one or more of my courses, at some point, seems to drop me a line and says, “Wow, the community was much more valuable than I thought.”

But hey, if you just want to take the lessons and do the work, there’s value there, too. Not everyone has time to connect with brilliant minds and valuable resources. : )


Mastering the Digital Channel starts when you start. Once you sign up, you can work the program at your own pace. Unlike “point in time” courses that have you scrambling to rearrange your schedule, I work around you. This material comes to you via email and then you can watch the videos, respond to the homework assignments, and interact with the group of engaged learners also taking the course when you are ready and have time. It runs for 8 weeks.


Corporate training is expensive and often taught by folks who haven’t really done much of what the course covers themselves. Learn from someone (me!) who runs a small business, but who has spent his last several years working with everyone from a standalone solo professional to teams within companies like Microsoft, Google, Sony, Humana Health Care, Pepsico and more.

YES! If you’re a brick and mortar business and not an online business, this works for you!


If you’re looking for “my amazing system that turns five minutes of work into millions,” you’ve got the wrong guy. You and I will be learning about the real work required to make real and lasting value. This has nothing to do with those “incredible power systems” some folks sell.


Here’s what I’ll be sending you every week for lessons:

  • Welcome – MDC00 (this gets you set up, helps you with joining the online community, etc)
  • Understanding the Digital Channel – MDC01 (this is the first of two high-level lectures, that lead into our actionable recipes.)
  • Interview with (secret) – MDCB-01 (bonus material comes in handy, right?)
  • The Mindset Behind Using the Digital Channel – MDC02 (here’s the next half, as well as advice on how to wire this into your business).
  • Get Your Channel Now and Build It Like a Media Mogul – MDC03 (now we’re cooking with gas)
  • Build a Solid Home Base – MDC04 (this week and next are where we get REALLY into the guts of my primary strategy since 2006)
  • Outposts of Value for Your Business – MDC05 (what I said above. This covers things like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)
  • Walkthrough of my personal homebase and outpost setup – MDCB-02
  • Email Marketing With a Soul – MDC06 (think email marketing is dead? BAD email marketing is dead)
  • Interview with (secret) – MDCB-03 (this will be fun – kind of a “greatest hits on email marketing”)
  • Content Marketing with Impact – MDC07 (you’re in the publishing business. Here’s how to write it and some tips on what to write).
  • How Service Craftsmanship Powers Sales And Loyalty – MDCB-04 (I had to talk about customer service at least a little bit)
  • Measurements, Monitoring, and Damage Control – MDC08 (where to keep your eye, and what will go wrong, most likely)
  • Graduation (cap and gown sold separately)

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This course is available at the price of $697. As with most of our courses, you’re welcome to split that up into three easy payments of $233

Take a moment, check it over, and then when you’re ready and you’ve got the funds figured out, BUY HERE.


“Chris’s Mastering the Digital Channel course completely revolutionized my thinking regarding the use of social media channels in business. I completed the course with a much more rounded, complete understanding of how everything should fit together to form a holistic communications strategy. Most useful of all is the way that Chris debugs and demystifies the topic and delivers well-conceived strategies and approaches in a down-to-earth, straightforward manner. I recommend anyone who has the faintest involvement with social media in their business to make MDC their first port of call.”

Tim Pettingale, Director, Think-360 Communications, London, UK

I just wanted to tell you how much I sincerely appreciate the value in the MDC course. It really helped me recognize what I need to achieve the level of boutique service and presentation that I need.

In the coming weeks, I will officially launch my startup, site, etc. And I really can’t wait to show it to you. The website User Interface has been incredibly influenced by your methods.

You are a great teacher with a beautiful mind. I went into the course somewhat cynical, and you provided incredible value that shut down any of my suspicions by week 2. Hell, I am making more money *right now* as a direct result of your advisement.

I seriously feel I’ve gotten two steps ahead that would have taken me years to accomplish on my own.

Thanks again,

David Anthony