One Goal

As it turns out, I have one core goal.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a long list of other goals that I am focused on for the next month, the next year, the next few years. However, there really is one overarching goal for all of my intentions and aspirations.

In service of the goal

I talk with you a lot about productivity, willpower, habits, and decision making. My hope in sharing these ideas and resources is that you will find them helpful in achieving your goals.

It helps me in much the same way. The list of accomplishments I want to achieve are served by these efforts, but in the end productivity is not the goal. Productivity serves the goal.

Some of my other goals are related to my health, my finances, some are more personal, but they too are not the ONE goal.  They serve the goal.


My one goal is to be present.

All of my work to plan my day or utilize my time better, point to the one goal of being present. After all, any serious endeavor that you pursue, requires you to be fully present at some point. Why then, don’t we do whatever it takes to ensure that?

Every effort of improving the way in which we work or live should be directed at being able to be present.

Being present to a book, a workshop, or a course will help you learn more. Being present to a task or a project helps you to do more. Being present to people…

As it happens, our work and much of what is important in our lives occurs within relationships.

Our friends deserve our presence on a phone call, not half-listening nods and yeses while we scan Twitter.

Our employees, co-workers, and business partners need us to be present in meetings with them, not writing a response to an email that should have been done earlier or could be done later.

Our spouses and children require us to be present to know that we value them, not simply looking through them distracted about what we’re going to do tomorrow.

Productivity isn’t a goal, it is a tool

My efforts in the area of productivity are not aimed just at being successful. The real goal of productivity, is to be present for what is important.  (tweetable)

My family is important
My friends are important
My work is important

You are important

I value the interactions I have with you each week. It is my goal to honor this relationship by writing something of value for you.  It is also my goal to respond to each email reply or comment I receive.  I use my productivity systems to ensure I have the time, because both of those goals require me to be present. It truly is my ONE goal.

What do you need to be present for? How are you accomplishing that goal?

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  1. andrewareoff says:

    My goal is to work on doing the things I am passionate about, good at, can help someone with, can pay the bills doing; in order to be present. Great post this morning – thanks!

  2. Isabelle Goyer says:

    My goal, at the moment, is to be present to Me… It’s quite sad to say but, in the last 2 years, I’ve been living a depression that I see now, as the result of something I wanted to escape of… My own Life! Then, I will be able to be present to the others and do what I’m passionate about… I am still searching myself throught all this but I will make it!! Thank You for this post, it helps me to “get back on track”!

    • RobHatch says:

      Doesn’t sound sad at all. Sounds like a great place to start. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Awesome post, Rob. Now that you reminded me, I’ve realized that I’m quite absent a lot of the time. Do you have any recommendations how to practice presence?

  4. DindyYokel says:

    Hi Rob – great post – love seeing your name in my inbox and will share this as always. Trying my best to be present and re-reading Jon Kabat=Zinn’s “Wherever you Go, There You Are” all about mindfulness and plays into your topic nicely. Didn’t you – or maybe Chris – write a post about how we can’t really multi-task because then nothing has our full attention and nothing gets done properly? Dovetails with this. Thanks for making my morning brighter. Have a gorgeous day.

  5. Tunefarmer says:

    Spot On! This reall struck a cord today as I was bouncing from idea to idea to decide what my priority needs to be today…

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