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Today I launched our new HBW newsletter “Love The Grind”.  In it I talked about systems, specifically “Delegating To Your Systems”. Systems play a critical role in every aspect of our lives, our businesses and organizations.

Today, let’s talk about how systems support culture.

Culture Myth

Some companies, and their leaders, have been elevated to near sainthood for creating environments where folks all seem to be happy, supported and love their work.

We sometimes don’t realize the importance of the systems in this reality, because we get caught up in feel good stories about the unique culture of a company and lose sight of how it was accomplished and thrives.

Systems Matter

Behind every list of fun and funky core values, a question must be asked.  It’s one of my favorites, actually because I think it’s one of the key questions for getting to the implementation of any great idea.  “What does that look like?”

  • What does it look like to deliver ‘amazing customer service’?
  • What does it look like to ‘hire only the best and brightest who also fit our company culture’?
  • What does it look like to ‘Drive Innovation’?

Here’s a hint:  The answer to ANY of these questions is not: a four day work week, or ‘she’s someone I could have a beer with’, or simply having the best health benefits program of any company.

The answer is more likely in the systems, methods, standards and expectations of an organization.  It is also coupled with the support and training to imbed those elements.


Trust matters most in developing a successful culture and the path to employees trusting one another, starts with trusting the systems.

They are the backbone of delivering on your mission and values and they are how you bring your culture to life.    They are the how of your daily work.  Through them, employees have confidence in new team members, they have confidence in how an issue with a new customer will be handled, they believe in what you are trying to build because they see not just great people, but a framework for great people to do great things.

So, what do your values look like in action?  What are the systems that support all you aspire to do and be?

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  1. Joshco0752 says:

    Or, you could say that you’re a behaviorist around culture. First have systems in place to have the type of organization you want and the culture will follow. People don’t listen to what you say, they watch what you do. That’s where behavioral culture comes from.

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