When It Finally Clicks


For years, I’ve been working in a kind of dual mode for the last handful of years. On one side, I’ve served larger companies like Dell and Microsoft and General Motors. On the other side, my audience is a mix of solo and small business owners as well as some employees from large companies. I’ve sold consulting and speaking to the big guys, and haven’t really understood what I could offer the rest of my community. And then finally, it clicked.

The Human Business Way Is The Same At Any Scale

What we call the Human Business Way is a set of beliefs about how we think business works best. At its core are variations of storylines I’ve told everyone from solopreneurs and college students to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. When I say that “business is about belonging,” someone who sells dog walking can use that advice every bit as much as Bob Iger from Disney can take advantage of it, especially when I spend a moment to articulate it and put it into actionable terms. See? It’s the same.

People Want the Recipe Card

The other big a-ha moment came to me after years of getting it wrong. I’ve given the larger, higher-up parts of ideas, the “vision” stuff, believing that it was enough to let people run with it. Instead, many times over, people have come back and said that they want the step-by-step, the recipe card, if you will, to help them go a bit further. Well, that I can do.

Never Sit Still

In re-imagining how I can help with Human Business Works, I’ve put my company on a path to be a publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals reach success and work better through sharing how to implement the Human Business Way. This is the new stuff. I’m excited and outright thrilled that we have so much more to do to be helpful to you with your goals.

Here’s to a great partnership, between you and me.

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